The Taxi Emission Strategy for London

Phase 1
All pre-Euro or Euro 1 taxis will be required to meet Euro 3 emissions standard when presented for annual test from 1st July 2006.
(Those vehicles covered by Phase 1 include LTI vehicles registered up to 16th September 1998).
Phase 2
All Euro 2 taxis will be required to meet Euro 3 emissions standard when presented for annual test from 1st July 2007.
(Those vehicles covered by Phase 2 include LTI vehicles registered between 16th September 1998 and 1st February 2002).


The TaxiCat SYSTEM is based on exhaust purification technology that is simple, effective, and above all – user friendly.

The TaxiCat SYSTEM can be fitted by a selection of existing taxi garages. Fitting is simple with no electronic or coolant system connections. The TaxiCat SYSTEM will enable taxi operators to achieve Euro3 compliant emission limits from old taxis.

SAFE - The TaxiCat SYSTEM does not use dangerous chemicals or gases. There are no top-ups required. The diesel oxidation catalyst is a flow-thru’ technology – it will not block or increase exhaust back-pressure, therefore the engine will continue to run at optimum settings.

PRACTICAL – The TaxiCat SYSTEM will not inhibit or require a change in the way the taxi is currently operated. The taxi continues to use its existing engine without modifications, therefore retaining the refuelling flexibility and drivability of diesel fuel.
There is very little extra service requirement, only the need to visually check system condition during routine servicing. The system comes complete with full stainless steel exhaust and therefore no future exhaust replacement requirements due to corrosion.

AFFORDABLE - We have kept the TaxiCat SYSTEM as simple as possible, and the price as low as possible.

EFFECTIVE – The system is designed to meet the criteria of the Taxi Emissions Strategy for London. Added benefits include considerable reduction in diesel exhaust odour. The catalyst has been optimised using a Nissan taxi engine testbed.
Several independent tests (run on behalf of The Public Carriage Office) on cabs fitted with the TaxiCat SYSTEM, have proven that particulate (soot), NOx, HC, and CO emissions are reduced to within Euro3 compliance (ie new vehicle standards). This is the simplest way to achieve compliance for all taxis fitted with Nissan engines.

DURABLE – All major components are manufactured in stainless steel for durability. Some other systems uses exhaust filters or “traps”, this can cause an increase in back-pressure (which could damage the engine). The TaxiCat SYSTEM can not cause the same increase in back-pressure thus minimising engine wear rates. There are no electronics (which can be troublesome and susceptible to moisture problems), and no motorised valves.

SUPPORT – The TaxiCat SYSTEM can be fitted and supported by approved taxi garages. There are no special tool requirements.

Approved Fitting Partners in London:-

Camberfield Taxis (Brentford)

0208 5689643

A1 Taxis (Hackney)

0208 5250050

Richmond Rd Cab Centre (Hackney)

0207 2757589

Frankum & Kaye (Wood Green)

0208 8895537

Coachline Taxis (South London)

0207 2772200

Davies & Bishop (Oval)

0207 7290874

E3 (City Airport)

0207 4746592

Beesley Engineering (Peckham)

0207 3581272

DJ Vaughan (Highbury Grove)

0207 2267205

Frameright Engineering (Three Colts Lane)

0207 7395617

George Jackson (NW10)

0208 9641929

Frank Tingley Motors (Cable St E1)

0207 4805258

M&S Taxis Ltd (Wick Lane E3)

0208 9818500

E1 Cab Centre (Bethnal Green)

0207 3775991

M&H Taxis Ltd (E!)




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